I cycle quite a bit. I try to do 160km per month at the very minimum, and am going for at least 600km this summer. I also like talking about cycling. I use the Runtastic mobile app to track all of my cycling. Occasionally, I will have a trip that is interesting in terms of location or distance. I will post such trips here!


Here's my 1989 MIELE Lupa with Shimano 105s and hand wrapped Italian bars (click for enlarged).

[Jul 6 2014] Farm Fiddlin' Yeeeeeeehaw!

This might be my new favorite route. Bike lines almost the entire time, hilly, and low road traffic due to the number of farms.

[Jun 26 2014] A MONSTER ride In Waterloo

27.4 miles (44km) at 4:01/mile (2:30/km), 1090 feet elevation gain, and 900+ calories!

[Jun 16 2014] Longest Waterloo ride yet: 25 miles

When I was overseas all I did was eat at restaurants, so I felt really gross. Upon my return, I lit up Waterloo on a 25 mile ride with 900ft of elevation gain and more than 800 calories burned!

[Jun 6 2014] Netherlands to Germany

Here is a trip I made on a three speed commuter bike (insane, but it was all that was available for rent) from Enschede, Netherlands to Ahaus, Germany and back. Not terribly long in terms of distance, but on a commuter it was quite a haul! The trip was not a constant loop so here are the to and from trips:

[May 23 2014] Fastest 19 miles (~32k)

Here is a trip I made in Waterloo. My time per mile is pretty decent given the 700ft of gain! Max speed of 30mph!